Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Direction

I have been toying with an idea lately that concerns this blog. The idea is to post my thoughts here more frequently as a way to expand my ministry on the Internet. I have noticed that other pastors and theologians do this successfully, commenting on the passing scene and tossing out biblical principles on a wide range of topics and issues. In a way, I have been doing that all along, though in a more formal way.

Up to now, the posts on this blog have been the published articles and essays I have written for the periodicals of the Church of the Great God, of which I am a pastor and the managing editor. I started this blog to widen the reach of those articles and essays and perhaps to help raise our ranking on the various web search engines. Beginning in 2001, I used to write an essay for the CGG Weekly just about every week, only occasionally getting a break from one of our other writers. In addition, from its founding in July 1992, I usually wrote an article for Forerunner magazine just about every issue. Now, however, I am not writing quite so much, my time being taken up by more of my other duties, particularly letter answering, traveling, and giving sermons (which I have been doing all along).

I keep my Facebook page open just about all the time during the workday, as well as the Drudge Report, and I receive frequent updates on news stories from various outlets. So I am very plugged in to what is happening throughout the world, and I am in a position to comment on it and perhaps apply some biblical principles to present a godly perspective on the matter, as well as I can. I have not made a final decision yet about this--I am still considering how much time it will take out of an already busy schedule and if it will keep me from doing my more important duties on time. I am already behind in publishing the Forerunner, and I do not want to slip any further behind. So I may not get to this right away. Still thinking this through.